Tax Structuring and Financial Planning

Our aim is to ensure that individuals are as tax efficient as possible. With regard to their investment portfolio, appropriate financial structures are recommended to clients that maximises all tax beneficial opportunities available to our clients, thereby providing the best after-tax return on capital investments possible.
We further specialise in developing and implementing wealth creation plans for individuals who are proprietary directors of their own companies, utilising the advantages of the business environment to effectively facilitate international trading with all the available advantages.

We advise the client’s financial planner, as required, thereby assisting clients to obtain a holistic wealth management solution through our international affiliate partners.

Black Marlin Asset management assists to create tax efficient structures that allow no estate duties, no Capital Gains Tax, no dividends tax, no with-holding taxes and a potential income tax rate of only 3%. We can provide the wealth management solution to clients typically only found in top international private banking institutions.

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