Investment Philosophy

Black Marlin has a pragmatic value investment philosophy, the core beliefs of which are:

Financial markets are typically inefficient and that the main driver of this inefficiency is sentiment. The different investor time horizons cause these inefficiencies. These inefficiencies can be exploited for gain. Information is a commodity and available through sound investment research. Black Marlin believes that accurate financial valuations are a key driver of prospective returns. Black Marlin believes that only a robust investment philosophy and consistent investment process will unlock value consistently.

All our funds are managed with a common commitment to a disciplined investment philosophy of long-term investing. We employ a valuation-driven process to investing in the financial markets, a business principle that delivers consistent superior long-term performance.

Our pragmatic approach to enables us to identify markets that are potentially inefficient, or find mispriced assets trading at discounted values, and the inefficiencies caused by investor time horizons. Black Marlin’s investment valuations are determined using a longer-term outlook and assumptions which ignore the clutter of market influences that are considered ineffectual or misleading.

Our steadfast insights into market changes, our international touch-points, our research-based methodologies and our culture of information sharing provides us an ability to assess the real value in our areas of investment, and deliver optimum performance in all market environments.

Black Marlin is committed to providing a broad set of bespoke investment solutions, and we strive to achieve the best balance between risk and opportunity to maximise the potential of our client portfolios.