International Life Insurance and Risk Cover

No medical required if cover is below $250 000!

Life Cover – with non-medical maximum of $250 000!


Bespoke Life Cover

100% of the risk is underwritten by Munich re and Swiss re. Both companies are AA3 rated by Moody’s and two of the largest re­insurers in the world.

Medical underwriting is only required if the cover exceeds the free cover limit (country specific).

Cover of up to 6 times annual salary is available (higher on application).

Every individual benefits from pre-negotiated group cover rates.

Nominated beneficiaries are paid their benefits in the currency of their choice, to any bank, tax free.

Key Benefits

Group Life: Each member benefits from pre-negotiated group life rates.
Flexibility: The member can contribute ad hoc amounts to the investment portion as circumstances dictate. In addition these funds can be withdrawn as he/she deems fit.
Transfers: Should the member change employment or move residence they needn’t terminate their life cover or move their investment funds.
Life Cover: The entire life cover is underwritten by Munich re and Swiss re, two of the largest re-insurers in the world.
Currency: Members can retain investments in any currency.
Investments: The investment choice is bespoke, through mutual funds, from Black Marlin Investment Fund, presently consisting of a share or equity fund, a money market fund and a bond fund. Members can rest assured that their investments are soundly managed and well regulated.
Trustees: The pension plan has appointed qualified trustees to oversee the legislative and regulatory aspects of this product.
Administrators: Belvedere Administrators Limited is highly respected and experienced administrators in Mauritius.
Security: Investor security is assured at all times. Barclays have been appointed as the cash custodians for the fund and the investments are held independently for each member.

How to obtain life and risk cover or Pension fund benefits with Black Marlin Asset Management

Obtaining these benefits with Black Marlin is a simple process. We need some basic information to start the process so that we can provide you with the best possible advice.

Application Process:

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