Corporate Finance Advisory

Our services include structuring corporate entities to appropriately maximise their business’ overall tax efficiency, financing capabilities or transactional opportunities as the situation may require.

Black Marlin Group’s corporate finance advisory division is a specialized division that is inter alia, dedicated to assisting clients with the set-up and registration of companies in favorable jurisdictions. We also assist with the provision, via affiliated partners, of the management and administration of international companies, and provision of offshore company services that are designed to guide and support with the day to day running of the business.

We are able to offer both individuals and companies the opportunity to open or expand their own company offshore, by assisting them with all aspects of company registration. These specialized company services include asset protection, accounting and audit services, forex solutions, legal advice and representation, patent and trademark registration and office services designed specifically for offshore companies.

Black Marlin Group prides itself on providing quality offshore company services via our highly sought-after affiliated partners. Our expert team for offshore company registration is available to assist you with all of your registration, management and administration needs. We use our team’s experience to proceed with your incorporation quickly and efficiently, and in a cost effective and professional manner.

Offshore companies are business entities that are registered outside of the primary country of operation. Offshore company registration is generally performed within a favorable offshore jurisdiction, referred to as an offshore financial center. The reasons to register offshore include but are not limited to: effective tax planning and asset protection, favorable trading conditions and double taxation treaties.

Forming an offshore company allows for various economic, financial and political benefits to be enjoyed within the chosen offshore jurisdiction. The main advantages of offshore company registration include greater levels of privacy and confidentiality, excellent asset protection solutions, favorable laws, tax planning and low business risks. Depending on the jurisdiction, you can be protected from lawsuits and creditor claims and can take advantage of the country’s trading conditions and double tax treaties.

Setting up an offshore company will attract individuals and businesses that are looking to invest, secure and optimise their finances and assets. Offshore company incorporation is a complicated procedure and requires a good level of knowledge of relevant legal aspects, and the country where the company will be established. Effectively, offshore companies are entities, which are created outside of the country of domicile, for the primary purpose of enjoying favourable tax and investment conditions.

There are specialist firms that can assist with the management, accounting and general procedures for offshore company incorporations. Specialist firms have the experience, resources and skills required to offer the necessary guidance and facilitation with a range of offshore company related matters. When forming an offshore company there are many factors to consider. Quality advice is thus of paramount importance.

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