The Black Marlin Group is an international group of investment and financial companies. Our headquarters are strategically positioned in Mauritius to leverage international investment benefits and offer our clients a tax-efficient offshore jurisdiction.
For many people, holding their savings and investments in a well-regulated, tax-efficient offshore location can bring a number of advantages.

Being a truly international group of companies, Black Marlin Group maximises the benefits of international asset diversification to deliver consistent long-term returns for our clients. We offer a range of investment solutions that provide both individual and corporate investors access to international markets and blue chip investment products, with strategic partners boasting a combined asset value of over USD 345 billion.

We access some of the best investment service providers globally. These are our strategic partners and we have maintained a size of operation with them that affords us the flexibility and focus to optimally manage our investment portfolios, thereby delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Our investment and financial services reach covers 152 countries, with the main centres of operation in London, Zurich, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, New York and Chicago.

Our core values are Commitment, Honour, Honesty, Courage, Integrity, and Loyalty.

After the events of the past few years and especially since the beginning of 2011 where we are experiencing a new world full of volatility, globalization and a host of emerging markets, it can be argued that this is truly a new investment world, with new investing rules, requiring a scientific approach.

The Black Marlin Group’s offshore advantage:
If, for example, you’re living and working abroad, you can benefit from any potential tax efficiencies that your expatriate status provides.

If your career takes you from one country to another, an offshore location means your money doesn’t have to move every time you do.

If you live in country where political or economic uncertainty provides a potential threat to the security of your assets, an offshore location can provide a safe haven.

Where you live, may affect the way your assets are dealt with when you die. Locating wealth offshore can allow you to manage your inheritance more effectively by potentially minimising the inheritance paperwork required to release your assets.

With Black Marlin’s offshore expertise, and access to substantial resources via our affiliate partners, we are well placed to help you make the most of your opportunities offshore. Contact us so that we may assist you to achieve a successful and rewarding future. Please note that the value of any tax advantages will depend on your individual circumstances and tax rules may change in the future.